Scott Hibbard Audio LLC

Commercial Audio Design/Installation
& Live Sound Engineering
Auditoria, Cafes, Fitness Centers, Houses of
Worship, Nightclubs, Offices, Outdoor Venues,
Performance Centers, Restaurants, Retail,
Schools, Spas, Sporting Venues & Taverns

Project Portfolio

Below are examples of some of our projects

Briarwood Elementary School (Multi-purpose room)
Creative Heartworks (Multi-purpose room & art gallery)
Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church (House of Worship)
Emmett Baseball Field (Sports Venue)

Florham Park Gazebo (Outdoor Concert Venue)

Florham Park Community Pool (Recreational Facility)
Florham Park Fitness (Fitness Center)
Grace Episcopal Church
(House of Worship)
Hanover Park High School
Holy Family Church (House of Worship)
Holy Family Fellowship Hall (House of Worship)
Hanover Park Marching Band (Portable PA)
Jonathan Dayton High School (Sports Venue)
Madison Junior High School (Auditorium)
Pascack Hills High School (Auditorium)
Presbyterian Church of Madison (House of Worship)
Presbyterian Church of Morristown (House of Worship)
Presbyterian Church of Morristown - Sheffield Hall(House of Worship)
Scotch Plains Fanwood High School Athletic Complex (Sports Venue)
Scotch Plains Fanwood High School Varsity Gym (Gymnasium)
South Plainfield High School Auditorium (Auditorium)
South Plainfield High School Jost Field Football Stadium (Sports Venue)
St. Philomena's Church (House of Worship)
Summit Community Pool (Recreational Facility)
Summit High School (Gymnasium)
Summit High School Multi-Purpose Turf Field (Sports Venue)